Welcome to Smallwood Companies Real Estate

Smallwood Companies has a 20-year history of commercial and residential development, ownership and management of commercial and residential real estate properties. We are family owned and managed.

Our diversified portfolio consists of over 150,000 square feet of office, retail and residential properties in the Washington, DC metropolitan market. We manage apartments, duplexes, single family dwellings, shopping centers, commercial buildings, professional office buildings, retail space, condominium associations and industrial warehouses.

We provide a full range of property services including property management, apartment and house rentals, residential sales, commercial space leasing, commercial sales, and business and residential property maintenance.

We are a full service property management company offering a wide range of service to commercial and residential property – including tenant management, tenant screening, contract negotiation and renewal, rent collection, building maintenance, renovation and financial reporting.

We hold real estate licenses in Maryland, DC and the state of Florida.

Smallwood Companies and its affiliated companies provide comprehensive property management services for commercial and residential property owners. Simply put, we maximize property values while maintaining a quality environment for tenants and residents.

Our company iscomprised of professionals in a team environment with the right attitudes about service and success. We are passionate about what we do with a keen understanding of our job roles and responsibilities.

Important Forms

Tenant Request Form

Residential tenants, please fill out this form to submit a request to management.

Commercial Lease Application

Commercial customers, please fill out this lease application and submit it to management.

Residential Lease Application

Residential customers, please fill out this lease application and submit it to management.

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